Get to know our HR Manager Nina

Get to know our HR Manager Nina

A company is only as good as its employees. But who actually creates, develops, designs and sells all the beautiful products from MVST? We will introduce you to them: meet the MVST family!

Episode #1

Meet Nina Wegner, HR Manager and master of recruiting the most talented people for MVST!

Hi Nina! When did you start working at MVST?

I started working at MVST in October 2020.

What’s your job title?

Currently I’m a working student in Human Resources & HR Marketing.

If you could describe your job in 3 words - which would you choose?

  • Recruiting
  • Many calls
  • Employer Branding

Let’s talk about drinks! Are you team coffee or tea?

None of them! I usually have water with lemon and mint or chai latte.

Time to work - are you more of an early bird or a night owl?

I’m an early bird for sure! 😉

Please describe a thing you have learned at MVST.

It's pretty hard to find good and suitable UX/UI Designers. I always thought developer positions are the hardest to recruit for.

What’s your favorite tool or app you can’t live without?

Hm, for me it is Pinterest and Vinted!

What makes working at MVST special?

Equality! No matter if you are hired full time or as a working student, everyone is valued the same. Also we work in a dynamic environment, so processes can change very quickly - that makes us very agile.

Your favorite after-work activity?

I love heading to the gym or going for a walk with the dog.

Please describe your favorite project at MVST and why it is special to you.

Our second office in Barcelona! Also recruiting for international and leading positions is special to me, as you usually don’t get that much responsibility as a working student in other companies.

What’s your best memory working at MVST?

Coming back to the office after working from home for a while and seeing a more crowded office with all the people I hired and finally getting to know them in person! 😅

Last but not least: Food! What are your favorite lunch spots at our office?

I love Condesa and Souxé Mezé! Definitely spots to try out when you are around. 😉