Welcome to MVST, Vitor!

Welcome to MVST, Vitor!

Our Development Team is growing and growing! 🚀  Vitor joined us recently and we want to give him a warm welcome to the MVST family.

We are thrilled to have Vitor join our outstanding team, and we wish him all the best for this new chapter. Here are some really interesting facts about him!

About Vitor

  • Full Name: Vitor Valandro
  • Home country: Brazil 🇧🇷
  • Position: Fullstack Developer

Please Tell Us a Bit About Yourself

At 14, I started my first job where I learned a lot about team work and did my first steps in programming. The next year I started my technical degree in web development along with high school, where I spent three years learning all the fundamentals of computer science and cutting-edge technologies that helped me solve real problems at the institution. After my graduation in 2022, I got a job as a junior front-end developer. At the same time, I started my graduation in Information Systems at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, where I am studying today. After three months on the job, I was promoted to mid-level fullstack developer, which I consider as a great success.

What Do You Do to Provide Yourself a Good Work-Life Balance?

Sometimes it is difficult to separate work from life, especially when working from home. I created mechanisms that help my mind to set boundaries from when is time to focus of work and when it's time to enjoy the free time with friends and family. When I feel overwhelmed by programming I try to set my focus on other things, like hobbies, leisure activities, or learning something interesting from other fields of knowledge.

What's The Most Adventurous Thing You've Ever Done, And What Did You Learn From It?

I lived my whole life in a very small town called Ipumirim, where there aren't many opportunities for technology and programming. Since this is the area that I love, I studied hard to get into the Federal University of Santa Catarina. But for that, I had to move to Florianópolis, a much bigger city compared to my hometown, and live all by myself. It was hard for me to be far away from my family and start a whole new lifestyle in a city where I didn't know anyone and everything was much more expensive. But I took the risk and everything turned out good. At first, I struggled to adapt, but I learned a lot about myself. My main learnings were the importance of networking, how to create a productive routine and the power of commitment and consistency to solve and deal with problems.

What Do You Consider To Be Your Greatest Professional Achievement So Far?

Getting my first job as a developer surely was my greatest professional achievement so far. I studied for three years to get my technical degree. Then, after more than 140 applications for a job, I got just two interviews. I really put effort on the technical tests and when I was approved I couldn't believe it. Even after I got the job I doubted my abilities until I started seeing the results of my tasks. When my promotion came three months later I knew that all had gone right and I had nothing to worry about, this was the moment that I felt that all my efforts paid off, so it was a great achievement for me!