Welcome to MVST, Nada!

Welcome to MVST, Nada!

New office - new HR Manager! Our Barcelona team is growing and found a new home in a beautiful and big office. And with moving into a new office, we warmly welcome our new HR Manager Nada!

We are thrilled to have her support our Barcelona team with everything they need, and we wish her just the best for this new chapter at MVST.

About Nada

  • Full Name: Nada Sharbagi
  • Home country: Jordan 🇯🇴
  • Position: HR Manager

Please tell us a bit about yourself!

My journey began in HR in Jordan with a major coffee chain, where I handled various tasks such as paperwork and hiring, spanning from purchasing to baristas. Later, I pursued my masters in Cultural Studies in Barcelona, during which I interned as a People and Culture Consultant at a recruitment consultancy for 7 months. Following the internship, I joined Keenfolks, an AI agency, as a People & Talent Advisor. In this role, I gained experience in diverse areas including hiring, benefit research, event coordination, office management, legal paperwork, and employee organization. So basically, everything I did so far led me to where I am today!

What do you value in a new company / in a boss / in co-workers the most?

Most important is a positive company culture where I get the opportunity to work with likeminded people where personal and professional growth is actively encouraged, and we do not shy away from challenges. I also highly value being entrusted with a lot of ownership in the work that I do. Regarding co-workers, I appreciate effective communication, and a shared commitment to purpose that motivates us to excel together.

What do you consider to be your greatest professional achievement so far?

That would be at my previous company, where I successfully reduced the hiring time 55% from 120 days to 55 days while also reorganizing the hiring process. I was also particularly proud of my contributions towards employee benefits, with my research directly resulting in several employee perks being implemented, such as instituting a birthday day off, monthly international company festivals and initiating a gym sponsorship program.

What's something that you're passionate about?

On a professional level and I am passionate about helping people, and fostering a great work culture. On a personal level, I’m passionate about art, dancing, spending quality time with friends and family and being around nature.