Welcome to MVST, Mariam!

Welcome to MVST, Mariam!

Our Design Team welcomes our newest joiner Mariam! We are thrilled to have her join our Barcelona team, and we wish her just the best for this new chapter at MVST.

About Mariam

  • Full Name: Mariam Belarbi
  • Home country: Russia 🇷🇺
  • Position: UI/UX Designer

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

For the past 1,5 years I have been working in a design studio, where I crafted products across social media, healthcare, and event management domains, focusing on high-load interfaces, SaaS, CRMs, mobile apps and design systems. Prior to this, I was a product designer in a corporation, creating B2B products. Besides these two, I have experience working in a fast-changing environment of a startup, which was tough but also super fun. Before my design career, I studied Arabic Language and History of Arab Countries and taught English and Arabic as a freelance tutor at the same time. In my spare time I improve my UI skills through creating Dribbble Shots, learn Spanish to survive in Barcelona, and play paddel to stay active outside of work.

What do you hope to gain from your experience working with us, and how do you plan to make the most of this opportunity?

First of all, I'm super excited to join MVST as a Product Designer!
I am eager to deepen my expertise in design systems, exploring their intricacies and implementing best practices to create seamless user experiences. Additionally, I'm looking forward to working with various products to bring my UX and UI skills to the next level. Also I value the sense of community and collaboration, and I am honored to be part of MVST's vibrant team, where I can contribute my skills as well as learn from fellow professionals, and foster meaningful connections. I hope that this experience will be a catalyst for my professional growth and a chance to make a meaningful impact in the design world.

If you could invent a product or service that would make people's lives better, what would it be?

As a travel enthusiast, I would love to invent app that redefines the way we explore the world. Imagine an app that crafts personalized travel routes tailored to your budget, time, and preferences. It creates full-day plans with precise timing and approximate expenses, optimizing experiences with insider tips from locals and fellow travelers. With vast travel data at its core, this app ensures unforgettable journeys while minimizing costs. If such an app already exists, count me in as a dedicated user!