Welcome to MVST, Ghida!

Welcome to MVST, Ghida!

We are super happy that we can call Ghida part of MVST! As our new Marketing Manager, she will push website and app performances while framing it with beautiful content and nice social media input. We are thrilled to have Ghida on board and wish her just the best for this new chapter at MVST! 🚀

About Ghida

  • Full Name: Ghida El Badri
  • Home country: Lebanon 🇱🇧
  • Position: Marketing Manager

Please tell us a bit about yourself!

I was born in Beirut, raised in Kuwait, and embracing my Egyptian roots. Recently, I decided to spice up the mix and made the move to Spain. My academic background includes studies in Media and Communication, along with Marketing, and since then, I've been riding the wave in this field. I like seeing companies flourish through creative connections with their audiences. Outside the 9-to-5, I find joy in spending quality time with my family and friends, kickboxing, and indulging in my love for singing and music production.

What do you consider to be your greatest professional achievement so far?

When reflecting on my professional journey, I consider my greatest achievement to be the diverse experience I gained in marketing and sales roles. From content creation to client interactions and strategic planning, I've had the chance to tackle a broad range of tasks. I believe that this interdisciplinary background is one of my strongest achievements yet. As I get started on my journey with MVST, I'm looking forward to deepening my knowledge in these areas, and contributing to the team's successes!

What do you do to provide yourself with a good work-life balance?

I like to think that achieving a good work-life balance is all about being fully present and immersed in every moment. This approach helps me feel that I'm making the most out of the time dedicated to each activity. I make an effort to disconnect from distractions and fully engage in whatever I'm doing. Whether it's a refreshing morning run on a sunny day or the launch of an exciting marketing campaign, I ensure I have something to look forward to in both my professional and personal realms.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done, and what did you learn from it?

I enjoy going on road trips. One of the most adventurous was a journey along the West Coast of the USA with my best friends. No plans, just discovering places as we went. Embracing the unknown brought self-discovery and personal growth. Despite facing challenges, we now look back and laugh. It taught me that taking risks and making mistakes can lead to valuable learning and great memories.