Welcome to MVST, Iago!

Welcome to MVST, Iago!

Our Development Team counts a new member! 🚀  Please give our new MVST family member Iago a warm welcome!

We are thrilled to have Iago join our outstanding team, and we wish him all the best for this new chapter. To help you get to know our new team member, we've gathered some interesting facts about him.

About Iago

  • Full Name: Iago Pires
  • Home country: Brazil 🇧🇷
  • Position: Fullstack Developer

Please Tell Us a Bit About Your Background

Greetings from Manaus, Amazonas, right in the heart of the Amazon forest! It's not your typical tech hub for a technology enthusiast, you might think, yet it's precisely where my journey began.

Growing up, I had this peculiar interest in tech, that quickly went from an innocent curiosity to my absolute obsession. Fast-forward through the computational chaos, and now I'm a 22-year-old full stack developer, ready to graduate with a Computer Science degree from the well-respected Federal University of Amazonas.

But my journey isn't solely academic. Besides battling textbooks and wrestling with code, I've also delved into the fascinating universe of AI research. I've played around with algorithms and data sets, enjoying the thrill of discovery much like a kid in a candy store. And let's not forget the freelancing gigs - a combination of experiences that ended up adding a dash of spice to my tech journey.

So there you have it - my tech adventure, born in the vibrant heart of Brazil's and now ready to take on the world!

How did you find out about MVST?

You know, it was just another day of scrolling through LinkedIn, looking for an opportunity, when a job description posted by Matheus Lustosa stopped me in my tracks. It was as if it was glowing, beacon-like, amidst the endless sea of mundane posts. I thought to myself, "Wow, now that's the kind of job I could juggle with my morning coffee!"

So, what did I do? I decided to ditch the 'should I, shouldn't I' dance and took the plunge. I harnessed all my courage, put on my virtual superhero cape, and jumped at the chance. And guess what? It worked! So here I am, ready to dive into this exciting adventure.

What inspired you to pursue a career in the software industry?

Without a doubt, what really caught my eye was the opportunity to create and develop innovative products. But just not any products - ones that could really make a difference in this world. The idea of leaving a tangible impact on society, of contributing to positive change with my own two hands (and a trusty keyboard) was truly irresistible!

What do you hope to gain from your experience working with us, and how do you plan to make the most of this opportunity?

Because MVST aligns perfectly with why I first dipped my toes into the tech world - to make a real impact, to be part of something bigger than myself. So I have no doubt this would be an amazing playground to learn, grow, and give it my all. Picture me like a sponge, ready to soak up everything I can and then squeeze out my contributions to the company. It's not just employment, It's a tech enthusiast's dream come true!