Welcome to MVST, Breno!

Welcome to MVST, Breno!

Our Development Team is growing and growing! 🚀  Breno joined us in September 2023 and we want to give him a warm welcome to the MVST family.

We are thrilled to have Breno join our outstanding team, and we wish him all the best for this new chapter. Here are some really interesting facts about him!

About Breno

  • Full Name: Carlos Breno Soares da Silva
  • Home country: Brazil 🇧🇷
  • Position: Fullstack Developer

Please Tell Us a Bit About Yourself

I always worked as a full stack developer and always enjoyed it. I've worked with React since the beginning of my career and see myself more strong on the frontend side but I'm heading way more towards the backend in my studies. I always worked in startups building internal tools, news platforms and tools for lead generation. I hope to expand my experience with a variety of new domains to improve my technical skills.

How Did You Find Out About MVST?

I saw a LinkedIn post from Matheus (CTO) about the company and loved the description of the developer MVST was looking for. I immediately knew it was exactly what I was looking for and that I would be a great fit.

What Inspired You to Pursue a Career In the Software Industry?

I started studying programming for fun but later got hooked with all the possibilities that I could build with it. At that time I was studying physiotherapy but found myself spending all my free time coding. So I decided to focus mainly on software development and I was really happy with the decision. Soon I had no doubt that that was something I would be really great at and from then on my journey in the software industry continued.

What Do You Hope to Gain From Your Experience Working With Us?

I'm really excited that MVST helps developers to continue growing and achieve their goals. I want to grow with the company and I find myself growing the most when I have mentors to help remove all the obstacles and focus on the topics that would give the most ROI. That’s exactly what I'm planning to do here. I already love the keep up to date with my tech stack and having this support will make this process way smoother.