Welcome to MVST, Ahmed!

Welcome to MVST, Ahmed!

Our Development Team counts a new member! 🚀  Please give our new MVST family member Ahmed a warm welcome!

Today we would like to introduce you to Ahmed who joins our MVST family today! We are so happy that he is part of our great team and we wish him all the best for the new chapter.
To get to know our new employee we collected some facts...

About Ahmed

  • Full Name: Ahmed Klai
  • Home country: Tunesia 🇹🇳
  • Position: Fullstack Development Intern

Please Tell Us a Bit About Your Background

I was one of the first hires at a successful startup and learned their stack quickly and efficiently also I was serving as a freelancer software engineer for the past two years and had a job success score of 100% with over 10 different clients. I’m passionate about technology - not a specific framework or language. In this line of work it's about adaptation, and what works best for the project. I have 3 years in the software development field and I'm in love with every product I made since day 0.
My motto as a developer is if I am the smartest person in the room, I am in the wrong room. I love learning and want to become the best developer I can be. I am a maker - I enjoy creating In my career and after hours. I believe in shipping quality code and working in flow.
I have experience with peer code reviews, mentoring, and pair coding sessions. I also have experience with tedious refactoring, and entire rewrites of applications, large and small scale.
I care deeply about the code I write and the effect my work has on the product. I enjoy interacting with clients and seeing the joy they get when they get the application they’ve been wanting.
I am a Fullstack developer by trade, however, I seem to have an eye for design and user experience. I enjoy working with UI/UX to make sure their designs are functional, accessible, and give the intended experience.
That said - I think I align with what you’re doing and believe I would be a great fit technology and culture-wise. If I’m not a perfect match for this position I am open to other positions that may better fit my qualifications.

How did you find out about MVST?

I heard about MVST from a friend first and then I was following them on LinkedIn and got to know their activities, tech stack, and staff better.

What was the main reason for you to choose the Internship at at MVST?

Choosing a position as an Intern Fullstack Developer @MVST for me has many reasons such as :
Career advancement: An internship can serve as a stepping stone to a full-time position, helping to build relevant skills and establish a network of professional contacts.
Industry exposure: Working as an Intern Fullstack Developer provides exposure to industry trends, methodologies and best practices, allowing m eto gain a better understanding of the field.
Real-world experience: Internships offer the opportunity to work on real projects, gain practical experience and apply what has been learned in a classroom setting.
Network building: Working in a professional setting provides the opportunity to network with coworkers and build relationships, which can be valuable for future job searches.