The MVST. Team

The MVST. Team

These are the people who fulfill every project with passion and dedication - this is MVST.

Our team's dedication and expertise are the heartbeat of our projects, collaborating seamlessly with our partners to turn their aspirations into reality. We are not an agency without a face, we want to show you who is behind MVST. Say Hello!

Our Co-Founders


With a wealth of experience in digital services, Niklas is the driving force behind the company's vision. He's always looking for fresh perspectives to better understand partners' needs and provide top-notch products. Niklas's forward-thinking and pragmatic approach infuses MVST with a unique blend of creativity and effectiveness, fostering innovation as a natural outcome. As co-founder of MVST, he oversees venture partnerships and ensures that their visions come to life.


As an expert in digital design, Philipp influences the product experience profoundly. With an impressive body of work to showcase, his philosophy centers on allowing the product to speak for itself. His keen eye for detail ensures that every aspect of the innovative products designed for our partners is thoroughly examined, contributing to the creation of solutions that resonate with their specific business goals. This commitment to excellence helps us build a brand that partners can trust and rely on for their success.

Our Finance, HR, and Marketing Team

Our beloved HR Team makes sure that every employee is satisfied while organizing the most amazing offsite events, and company breakfasts - not to forget about our unforgettable Oktoberfest visits!

With eagle eyes, our Finance employee has an overview of the monetary flow in the company, making sure every euro coming in or out has its perfect purpose!

Our Marketing Team spreads creativity, delivers enjoyable content, and ensures MVST shines across every social media platform in the best way possible!
Photos, Names, and Roles of the Finance, HR, and Marketing Team at MVST

The Product Managers

Our dear Product Managers are responsible for every single project: from communication with founders and partners, over setting guidelines and deadlines (and making sure to meet them!) to polishing the final product! Nothing escapes the watchful and innovative eye of MVST's Product Manager Team.
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The Designers

Every single digital product of MVST shines in its unique colors and stands out with unique looks - thanks to our talented Designers! They not only breathe life into an idea but also visualize every detail with love and dedication.
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The Developers

Our amazing Software Engineers are the backbone of MVST! Every line of code they write, every design they bring to life, and every feature they implement is not just necessary for digital products - it fills every project with joy and leaves every partner utterly satisfied!
Photos, Names, and Roles of the Developers Team at MVST

Interested in working with us?

We would love to meet and chat with you! Be part of something bigger: Join us as we combine the wonders of design with the magic of software engineering!

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