18 Blogs That Help You Grow Your Startup

18 Blogs That Help You Grow Your Startup

Are you ready to have a self-proclaimed living because of your business idea? Congrats!
The path to financial freedom is long and challenging, but with determination and research, you will be on your way!

Our startup blog guide below will have you on your way to starting up a business. Embarking on a small business journey can be challenging. We will show you how to startup with different blogs in which you can refer to teach yourself to begin a business. Remember: Knowledge is Power! And how do you gain knowlege? Right! You read, a lot! But in the end this knowledge will help you to minimize the risk of your startup going down the drain.

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So, which blogs for startups should you read? With over 600 million blogs throughout the world, it can be difficult to know which ones will benefit you as an entrepreneur. Whether you are embarking on a tech startup or a blogging startup, we picked the best 17 blogs for entrepreneurs for you to begin your startup on the right foot.

We defined the following main categories that are essential to know about:

1. Human Resource
2. Sales
3. Tech
4. Venture Capital & Finance
5. Marketing

HR Blogs

A human resources blog will assist you in properly paying your employees. To know how to remove taxes from paychecks and pay them to the state and national governments is vital for your business to succeed without any legal penalties.

1. Ask a Manager: Best HR Blog For Human Resources Management

Ask a Manager
Not sure what the hell your manager is thinking, how to ask for a raise, whether you might be in danger of getting fired, or more? Ask your workplace questions here.

Ask a Manager

Ask a Manager is a HR blog that gives you access to books, podcasts, and community forums. These resources will help you to adequately run the human resources management department of your business.

You can view questions from the community forum from the employee perspective so that you can apply them on the business side. See examples of great cover letters and resumes and tips on how to handle different HR issues that can arise at your business.

Don’t know where you should start? What is most engaging about the blog is that you can click on the “Surprise Me!” link to show you a random question and answer about an HR topic. Try it out to learn something new you may have not known before!

Read these posts to get started:

2. HR Hero: Best HR Blog for Employment Law

HR Hero
HR Hero makes complicated employment laws and regulations easy to understand. Remove the guesswork from tracking federal and state policy changes and how to apply those to your organization. Employment law experts with over 40 years of experience keep you current on proposed and recently passed regu…

HR Hero connects you to free resources related to employee retention, how to follow employment laws, and toolkits to use as a supervisor. There are event recruitment and onboarding tips to assist you when it is time to find qualifying talent that can have your business running smoothly.

If you want to take it a step further to receive a cloud-based platform that will give you legal analysis and HR guidance, you can sign up for the HR Hero free product trial. This is one of the best features so you can try it out before investing in it for your startup.

Read these posts to get started:

3. Undercover Recruiter: Best HR Blog for Hiring and Recruiting

Undercover Recruiter
Global employer branding and talent acquisition blog.

Undercover Recruiter

Speaking of hiring and recruiting, Undercover Recruiter is your go-to blog for engaging your employees and finding the best talent for your company. You can discover ways to ask better interview questions, how to do employee scheduling, and decide pay rates for your team members.

Browse employer branding to learn how to build brand awareness for your company. The talent acquisition section will provide you insight on how to attract, interview, and onboard qualified candidates to your startup.

Workplace blogs will enhance your understanding of how to have a safe and productive work environment. If you need to spread brand awareness or post a job, you can advertise directly on Undercover Recruiter. The blog has assisted high-quality names such as Bloomberg, Psychology Today, Entrepreneur, Tony Robbins, and others.

Read these posts to get started:

Sales Blogs

Sales are what make a business thrive. Without sales, a business would fall by the wayside and close within the first one to seven years. Get the scoop on how to turn prospects into sales by browsing one of these sales blogs.

4. Sales Hacker: Best Sales Blogs for B2B Sales

Sales Hacker
The World’s Largest Community for B2B Sales

Get access to sales development and sales management videos that will enhance your overall company sales. Blog posts highlight secrets from sales leaders, how to train the sellers on your team, and more.

Besides reading blog posts about different tactics for generation B2B sales, you can also view videos and listen to podcasts about sales content. Watch the video series about how to send sales emails to be more successful and boost your revenue organically. Turn on one of the Sales Hacker podcasts while driving in your car or cleaning up a room at home to learn something new that you can apply to your business strategy.

We picked these Articles for you:

5. Sales Gravy: Best Sales Blog for Accelerating Sales

Sales Gravy is the global leader in sales training and sales enablement solutions. Our mission: We help sales organizations win!

Sales Gravy

If you are ready to increase your sales, look at Sales Gravy. Access free resources on how to train your sales team. Learn the right verbiage to say to get your clients attracted to your product or service.

You can be one of the 360,000 sales pros that use Sales Gravy weekly to accelerate their business sales. Sign up for their newsletter to have relevant blog posts delivered to your business email so you can keep up with the current trends that enhance startup sales.

Recommended Articles you might find interesting:

Tech Startup Blogs

The tech industry is a part of 35% of the global market. Since technology is a modern commodity used daily throughout the nation, you may consider beginning a tech startup. If so, these could be some helpful technology blogs all around the business, e-commerce, software, apps and other tools & gadgets.

6. TechCrunch: Best Tech Startup Company Blog

TechCrunch – Startup and Technology News
TechCrunch - Reporting on the business of technology, startups, venture capital funding, and Silicon Valley

TechCrunch opens you to current events throughout the nation concerning other tech startups. AOL acquired the blog in 2010 which was five years after Archimedes Ventures launched it. It is a go-to resource for learning about the success of tech startups and how to start a business in general.

The blog does more than highlight advancements in well-known tech companies. Evaluating how tech startups are innovating the industry is one of the most important functions of the platform.

Read these posts to get started:

7. Wired: Best Tech Multimedia Blog

WIRED - The Latest in Technology, Science, Culture and Business
We bring you the future as it happens. From the latest in science and technology to the big stories in business and culture, we’ve got you covered.


Wired is one of the most popular technology blogs, where you can find the latest tech news, features, guides, product reviews, consumer electronics news and podcasts. The Verge gives an insight about how important technology is and how it will change our lives in the future.

You might want to look into these Articles:

8. freeCodeCamp: Best Tech Learning Blog

Learn to Code — For Free


You’re into developing and want to program your own Website or want to know a few programming hacks? Then freeCodeCamp is your interactive web learning platform, that teaches you all kind of web development skills. You can find Articles, Videos and interactive coding lessons. They also have an online community platform, where you can ask questions or look up something you want to know.

Here are some Articles to get you started:

Best Marketing Blogs

Marketing reinforces brand recognition so clients recognize your brand in your community business or online venture. As you build on this recognition, you will enhance brand loyalty amongst your clients so you can retain clients and always have incoming sales.

9. Content Marketing Institute: Best Marketing Blog for Content Ideas

CMI: Content Marketing Strategy, Research,
Content Marketing Institute (CMI): Our mission is to advance the practice of content marketing, through online education and in-person and digital events.

Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute releases an article every day so that you always have constant ideas that you can apply to your business. Get connected with article resources, training modules, and suggested events for small business owners to attend.

Come to one of their events such as the Content Marketing World or the Contenttech Summit to gather with like-minded entrepreneurs. Learn marketing tactics and insights from other entrepreneurs.

Read these posts to get started:

10. Digital Agency Network: Best Marketing Blog for Thought Leadership Content

DAN is a global digital agency network which focuses on collaboration, knowledge-sharing, business support and exploration.

Digital Agency Network

Digital Agency publishes marketing resources that primarily promote thought leadership. Learn how business giants in the startup world market to their clients from social media tactics to connecting with the right branding agencies to advance you forward in brand recognition.

Get connected to the best tools to use in the market all from one website. View the tools from categories such as sales, marketing, web design, team management, social media management, and so much more!

Take a look at these posts to get started:

11. HubSpot: Marketing Software Products

HubSpot Blog | Marketing, Sales, Agency, and Customer Success Content
HubSpot’s Blog for marketing, sales, agency, and customer success content, which has more than 400,000 subscribers and attracts over 4.5 million monthly visitors.


HubSpot is your go-to for marketing software products that will help your company with inbound marketing sales and customer service performance. You can view more than blog posts about marketing, sales, building websites, and providing well-rounded customer service to your clients.

The Hustle is a regularly updated newsletter that gives you updates on the most recent business and tech news. The Hustle Daily is the podcast version of the newsletter. Hence, you have a choice if you want to read the content, listen to the podcasts, or do both.

View HubSpot videos about marketing topics on their YouTube channel via the link provided in the “Videos” section. Visually seeing the content that you also read can help you learn how to better market your business.

Here are some Articles to get you started:

12. Neil Patel: Best Digital Marketing Blog

Neil Patel: Hilft Dir dabei das Online Marketing zu erlernen
Willst Du besser auf Google platziert werden? Hi, ich bin Neil Patel und heute bringe ich Dir alles bei, was Du über das Marketing wissen musst.

Neil Patel Marketing Blog

Neil Patel is an entrepreneur and co-founder of companies such as Hello Bar and Crazy Egg. He is affiliated with top companies such as GM, Viacom, NBC, HP, and others to help them continually boost their profits and be successful.

You can sign up on his official website to receive marketing insights on:

  • SEO and keyword research
  • Exclusive access to the Neil Patel SEO tool
  • Training exercises on SEO and support from affiliated representatives on the website
  • How do your articles rank every day?
While you can receive marketing assistance by reading the blog posts and utilizing the SEO tool yourself, you have the option to pay Neil directly for marketing assistance. Your startup can be amongst one of the 5,000 companies that Neil assists daily to enhance its marketing strategies.

These Articles might be interesting for you

Best Social Media Blogs for a Startup Company

Social Media Marketing is a high converter from new clients to brand-loyal customers. Here are some social media blogs to get acquainted with. Don’t underestimate Social Media, it is an important tool that can help you connect with your target audiences, identify possible leads, gather customer feedback, introduce new products and services to the market, and run advertising campaigns. Social media is also a strong tool for market analysis to keep an eye on your competitors.

13. The Future Buzz: Best Social Media Blog for Online Strategies

Online Marketing Agency Based In Mauritius - Future Buzz
We have designed a unique methodology to help heroes succeed online through branding, content, digital, and web strategies...

The Future Buzz

The Future Buzz helps startups to enhance their online marketing strategies via social media. Learn how to be an effective social media influencer, the best tactics for doing so, and what to avoid when doing this. If you need your brand to get in touch with possible customers this Media Agency will be your perfect mentor.

Some interesting Articles to get you started:

14. Social Media Explorer: Best Social Media Blog for Unique Client Engagement

Social Media Explorer - Social Media Explorer
Let’s explore all things social together. Powered by opinionated prose. Proudly presented by the prolific practitioners at Renegade #CutThru

Social Media Explorer

Social Media Explorer claims that they will separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to social media marketing. Therefore, they help to enhance client engagement more uniquely than other startups.

The “Tools & Tips” section gives you resources to assist you in your social media marketing ventures for your Business. The “Cases & Causes” link gives you blog posts that analyze different situations in social media. You can also utilize the search bar to find the topics you want to learn about. For example, you can type in “content marketing” to find all the blog posts that discuss this topic.

“News & Noise” gives you updates on the most recent developments in social media. “Movers & Shakers” provides blog posts about the most popular topics in social media marketing.

Read these posts to get started:

15. Buffer: Your Go-To For Twitter Engagement and Other Social Media Tactics

Buffer: All-you-need social media toolkit for small businesses
Use Buffer to manage your social media so that you have more time for your business. Join 160,000+ small businesses today.


While Buffer specializes in helping entrepreneurs to enhance their Twitter engagement, they are advancing their blog to help small business owners engage on other social media platforms. Buffer is known for their high quality content marketing. Their newest trend is publishing your Buffer content directly to TikTok.

Browse categories such as Pinterest, case studies, self-improvement, diversity, and many more. Buffer makes it easy to navigate their blog to find what topics you desire to learn about to improve your startup.

Read these posts to get started:

Best Finance & Venture Capital Blogs

Learn how to grow wealth from your finances. Turn earnings from your business into financial growth by investing it into the stock market, cryptocurrency, and back into your business.

16. Both Sides of the Table: One of the Best Venture Capital Blogs

Both Sides of the Table
Perspectives of a 2x entrepreneur turned VC at @UpfrontVC, the largest and most active early-stage fund in Southern California. Snapchat: msuster.

Both Sides

Mark Suster runs Both Sides of the Table which shows potential tech company owners what is happening in other tech companies. Learn what is occurring in the industry while receiving insight from business owners simultaneously.

Gain access to startup lessons, entrepreneurship resource articles, and venture capital information. The venture capitalist has over 69,000 Twitter followers.

Read these posts to get started:

17. Mr. Money Mustache: Best Finance Blogs for Investing

Mr. Money Mustache
Early Retirement through Badassity

Mr. Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache shows his tricks of the trade for financial freedom. And how do you know his tricks are working? Peter Adeney is his own best example: he took some of his loan, invested into stock market index funds and therefore was able to retire by 30. In his finance blog he reveals his trading success stories and other financial subjects that are a great source of knowlegde for startups.

Take a look into these Articles to get you started:

18. For Entrepreneurs: Best Finance Blog in the Ranks

For Entrepreneurs - Wisdom & advice for SaaS Startups
Wisdom & advice for founders & execs of B2B SaaS startups. Avoid the most common startup mistakes, learn about SaaS metrics, go-to-market, etc.

For Entrepreneurs

ForEntrepreneurs is #1 on Inc's list of 50 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs. Access blog posts and videos on the 9 Step Startup Roadmap to get the ball rolling on starting your business. As you continue to use this resource, you will increase your income to invest back into your business. But they also have a lot of other important topics like recruiting, SaaS and Marketing,
so it will be worth a read, because you will gather a lot of information there.

These articles might be interesting for you:

Why Are Startup Blogs Helpful for a Fresh Founder?

Startup blogs are great if you are a new entrepreneur because they will help you to learn the basics of running a business. Simply picking a business name, lining up products or services, and setting up a shop does not cut it.

Startup blogs make it easier to understand how to begin your business. They break down each subject into smaller sections so that it is more comprehensive. You can read the information as you are ready to learn it and continually refer back to your chosen resource.

Mann mit Kopfhörern sitz in einem Café vor seinem Laptop, trinkt einen Espresso und hört Musik

Startup Podcasts & Newsletters

What kind of other sources could be helpful to answer all the burning questions about raising a company out of thin air?
Well, podcasts are informational and easy to listen to no matter where you are or what you are doing. Turn on a podcast to have it in the background as you are completing another task.

We listed all the podcasts you should give a try:

  • Alex Blumberg’s StartUp shows new business owners the successes of entrepreneurs to inspire one another.
  • Marketplace to stay updated on economic news.
  • Duct Tape Marketing to inspire you on how to market your new business.
  • Jessica Harris hosts From Scratch and interviews small business owners who have obtained success throughout the nation.
  • HBR Ideacast for a variety of business topics such as marketing

Also startup magazines are a great knowledge source and will connect you to more exclusive information in exchange for a small subscription fee. Subscribe to these startup magazine newsletters as great resources for a starting startup and to use further in your small business journey:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Fortune
  • Inc.
  • Fast Company
  • MIT Technology Review

Final Thoughts

Starting a new business is a grand journey special to you as the blossoming small business owner. Take time every day to research your industry, how to start a business, and read articles from startup magazines to get you ready for the road ahead as an entrepreneur.