Redcare Pharmacy (Shopapotheke) - Transforming their e-commerce shops into a new world

Redcare Pharmacy (Shopapotheke) - Transforming their e-commerce shops into a new world

Redcare Pharmacy (Shopapotheke) is a symbol of convenience and care, providing an extensive selection of medicines, supplies, and healthcare essentials. As Europe's leading online pharmacy, Redcare swiftly delivers vital medicines to your doorstep, ensuring your well-being is easily accessible.

The Deliverables

  • Product and Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Scaleable Design System for internal use
  • Web App Development (React / Next.js) for all their webshops (
  • Corporate Website Relaunch (

The Challenge

Redcare partnered with MVST. to achieve a unified design across all their European e-commerce shops, emphasizing user-friendly navigation for individuals of all ages. Collaborating closely, we undertook a redesign from scratch to ensure seamless usability and accessibility.

The challenge - redcare.png

Our solution

To elevate Redcare's brand presence, we carried out a significant rebranding initiative. With Redcare, we relaunched all their European shops, optimizing the whole user journey, from their start page, product detail pages to their checkout flows. We also revamped fonts, colors, and the logo to align with the new brand identity. This resulted in a shop experience that's incredibly intuitive and user-friendly.

MVST's Solution screens of Shopapotheke's website redesign

The Results

The outcome speaks for itself: Visionary designs, an internal scaleable design system, and a redesigned corporate website. With a modern palette of beautiful peach colors, Redcare (Shopapotheke) is ready to deliver an exceptional shopping experience to customers.

Result of website screens of Shopapotheke redesign

Product Walkthrough with our Product Designer

Our Product Designer takes you behind the scenes, exploring the intricacies of our collaboration with Redcare Pharmacy (Shopapotheke). Delve into the design decisions and strategies that shaped the creation of their visionary digital experience.