Paua - Energizing Sustainable Lifestyles for All

Paua - Energizing Sustainable Lifestyles for All

On a mission to empower individuals for climate neutrality, Paua and MVST forged a dynamic partnership. Together, they've crafted a digital solution that not only tracks energy consumption but also celebrates the transformative impact of every energy-saving achievement. The combination of hardware and innovative software makes way for a brighter and greener future.

The Deliverables

  • Product and Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Mobile Development

The Challenges

MVST undertook the design and development of a mobile app, empowering users to effortlessly manage and control their individual solar panels. This mobile application is equipped with features allowing users to conveniently set up, monitor, control, and optimize their electricity usage with ease.

the client and challenge.png

Our Solution

The mobile app functions as a control hub for the solar panel setup, giving users the ability to monitor real-time energy production and manage their consumption accordingly. It also offers the facility to review historical production data, providing insights into the panel's efficiency. Moreover, the app illustrates the environmental benefits of solar energy, including preserved trees and reduced CO2 emissions, emphasizing the user's role in environmental preservation.

mobile screens solutions of paua tracking app

The Results

In collaboration with the Paua team, we developed a dynamic app that seamlessly integrates smart features into a user-friendly design that reflects the company's branding. Now, anyone can generate their own clean and renewable energy right from home - with ease and minimal effort.

Screens of Paua Tracking App


"MVST is the key driver behind our digital offering, they contributed massively to what we have achieved so far. They have an entrepreneurial mindset and give us feedback about what we built and what we could iterate in the future. For us, they are a long-term partner and I'm super happy about the level of expertise and immediate support they are providing."

- Bastian Faulhaber, Founder of Paua