MVST Figma Munich Meetup – Wrapped Up!

MVST Figma Munich Meetup – Wrapped Up!

On Thursday, the 13th of October, we got ready for an awesome evening: We once again hosted an amazing virtual Figma Munich Meetup! This time we chose the topic "How to create a UI/UX design portfolio that will get you hired!” With our extra special guests and speakers:

… and over 350 people listening and showing interest in this amazing topic!

What’s it all about?

You may wonder what we exactly talked about in our Figma Munich Meetup. In about two hours, we collected ideas and examples, gave feedback to portfolios that got sent to us and had a panel discussion afterwards.

But seriously, how does a good UI/UX design portfolio exactly look like? Our co-founder Philipp asked our speakers some really interesting questions. Here are some highlights:

What is the first thing you look for in a portfolio?

Henry: I am not a designer. But basically, the portfolio has to be clearly and simply structured. As a hiring manager, I want to get the maximum impression of design skills in as little time as possible. That means, if you prepare your portfolio, don't overcomplicate it and don't put too much into it because hiring managers only have limited time to look at portfolios.

What kind of prototypes do you want to see in portfolios?

Steven: More interactive designs and high fidelity. This helps others to play around with the product in Figma and there you can see how things flow and what the painpoints are. Really try drawing people into your product, it will help them to see the quality of your work.

How many prototypes should be seen in portfolios, how can someone show variety the best?

Marcus: Keep your focus and don’t put every single project or prototype into your portfolio. For me the magic number is three. Select your three best things you are proud of and excited about and others will enjoy looking at them in detail. It’s more precise and saves time for others to look at your portfolio!

Do you think HR does have the time to really take a deeper look at the Figma prototypes?

Gabriela: Portfolios and everything in it need to have a story. Prototypes without explanations of what someone is looking at right now are not helpful. So when I know what the project is about, I do take the time and enjoy looking at the portfolio in detail. Show not just screenshots because they cannot show your full potential, so prototypes in combination with a quick and simple explanation are a good thing for sure.
Philipp: Don’t put just links into your portfolio. Show us what you’re best at and pick the prototypes and projects you are really proud of.

What do you need to keep in mind creating a portfolio?

Steven: Try to tailor the portfolio to the job type you’re applying for. Whether you create seperate pages or filtered sections. Specialist roles need specialist and customized portfolios! This is one of the core challenges for junior or even early mid-level designers.
Philipp: Definitely put your personal creative traits into your portfolio! We want to get to know you and your way of working, that’s something you can show through projects and prototypes.

In case you missed out the event, you can watch it on YouTube in full length!

Let the audience speak!

We received a bunch of feedback and reposts on LinkedIn regarding our Figma Munich Meetup – which we really appreciate! Take a look at some of them:

Big Thanks

Once again, we want give a big thanks to our professional designers and speakers Gabriela Ospina, Steven Busuttil, Henry Schmidt and Marcus Hauer! MVST and especially our co-founder and designer Philipp Klaus are glad that they participated in this extremely relevant event. You don’t want to miss our upcoming events? Follow us on LinkedIn & Instagram and stay tuned – more is yet to come!