A review on 2021 at MVST

A review on 2021 at MVST

And once again, a year has passed! Together with you, we would like to look back on 2021. Take a short journey with us.

Colleagues of MVST sitting in front of the camera making a group picture while being at their christmas party

Wow, what a year!

We still can't quite believe everything that happened in 2021. We have continued building and designing great digital products for our friends and customers this year. But most of all we are proud of our great team. Especially in the last year, we recruited many talented people from all over the world who are working on our projects with full enthusiasm. A new addition is our second office in Barcelona! For this reason, the reunion of all our employees in Munich for our hackathon is one of our top moments (ever).

Would you like to read about our best moments, favorite projects and funniest news? Here you can find our year in review 2021:

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Much love & all the best, MVST ⭐️