It's a Wrap! Insights From Our Event "Designing the Future: How AI is Revolutionizing UI/UX"

It's a Wrap! Insights From Our Event "Designing the Future: How AI is Revolutionizing UI/UX"

The 25th of May was a big day for us! It was once again time for a special event in the house of MVST: We hosted a panel discussion to this very recent topic "Designing the Future: How AI is Revolutionizing UI/UX”. This time, we invited absolute powerhouses only:

Does AI make designers irrelevant?

AI seems to have taken the world by storm. You can see and read it literally everywhere! ChatGPT and co. have also set things in motion in the design world. Is it really possible that AI will completely take over design jobs? Well, spoiler: That will luckily not happen!

What are the pros and cons of AI tools in UI/UX design?

MVST's co-founder Philipp asked our guests some really interesting questions. Here are some highlights:

ChatGPT seems to be able to do everything. Even UI/UX design?

Sakky: I've actually testing ChatGPT out to it's limits to see what it can do and what it can't do. If you want divergent options, it's super powerful. When you give it a certain framework, like "I need X variable with Y need in Z style", it can spin lots and lots of mockups. But from that point, it is your own part to refine in an iterative process to get the most relevant ideas.

What is your pro tip for using AI tools in UI/UX design?

Joshua: For me, it's really helpful to use AI tools at the very start of a product to generate a lot of ideas very quickly. But going further into the project, you cannot rely on these tools because they also create a lot of stuff you simply cannot use. So my advice: generate as many ideas as possible in multiple contexts with AI in the beginning and then use the best output together with your knowledge about the client and the product in general. That way, you can pick out the best of the best and refine that idea.

Where can AI tools help the best design-wise?

Nina: My expertise is design systems. And I literally spend weeks writing documentation because I wanted to enable others to work with new design systems. By getting assistance from ChatGPT to write design guidelines I saved months of redundancy. So there's a lot of work we can automate that is mundane, repetitive, boring or simply not a core task so designers could rather focus on solving meaningful problems.

Is AI able to replace the work of UI/UX designers?

Ricardo: A lot of things just can't be automated. When it comes to design, we're still dealing with black boxes. If you already created e.g. plenty of brand assets, AI tools cannot bring you to a high level about thinking of your craft. And then there's the idea of control: to have AI helping designers, we also need designers to help AI.
Philipp: I think it's interesting that AI tools give the opportunity to work very experimental in a short an efficient time. Especially in the beginning of a project they are the most useful when you need a broad and bright variety of ideas coming into your system and opening the view instead of sticking to your bubble.
Beth: We're still in really early exploration mode of "What is the purpose of using AI in UX Design and why should we use it?". We mostly utilize it to streamline our workflow and research questions. We've been exploring different tools and ChatGPT is probably the one we use the most, where we play around with ideas. But it was really interesting that, compared to our work without ChatGPT, it was not very human-like. So no, I wouldn't say so. We mostly just use it for the most time consuming tasks.

In addition to that, Beth made a very interesting LinkedIn-post after our event:

LinkedIn screenshot about AI in the design industry with a small picture of a woman in the left upper corner.

Did you already try a UI/UX design that was completely made from AI?

Marcos: Yes, but it was more on a concept level. It was good to get a glimpse on how the style will look like and to collect ideas you can use. But that's no reliable design that we can actually use. It's very good to get duration and try different styles but I didn't find anything that can design on a level of a professional designer. 

And that's just a few of all the interesting answers and insights our speakers gave. All the years of experience in the different areas have given a great overview of the topic of AI and UI/UX design.

You missed our event?

No worries - we got you! You can watch it on YouTube in full length! If you're not fully convinced by now, you should take a look at some of our feedback we got to our international panel discussion:

LinkedIn screenshot about AI in the design industry with a small picture of a man in the left upper corner.

Thank you...

... that you took the time to join us on a journey into the future of UI/UX design. And of course, the same way we had a warm welcome for everybody, we wanted to thank our amazing guests Nina, Beth, Marcos, Ricardo, Sakky and Joshua for their unique insights! MVST and especially our co-founder and designer Philipp Klaus are glad that they participated in this extremely relevant event. You don’t want to miss our upcoming events? Follow us on LinkedIn & Instagram and stay tuned – more is yet to come!