Designing the Future: How AI is Revolutionizing UI/UX

Designing the Future: How AI is Revolutionizing UI/UX

MVST Figma Event: 6th round here we come!

ChatGPT, DALL·E 2 and other AI have taken the world by storm and open up unprecedented possibilities. The almost unlimited opportunities extend into numerous areas - but what about UI/UX design? What opportunities does AI hold within the design industry? And what are the current trends?

We are super stoked to launch another Figma Munich Meetup on this very topic!

On 25th May 2023, 7pm (CEST) we will host a virtual event with the topic "Designing the Future: How AI is Revolutionizing UI/UX"!

What can you expect to see and hear?

We will answer the following - and of course many more - questions for you in our panel discussion:

  • What is currently happening in the industry?
  • What is beneficial and what could be a threat?
  • What tools can be helpful and where?
  • How does the job of a designer shift?
  • How can you adapt AI into UI/UX Design?
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We want to discuss this and much more with our amazing guest speakers, share experiences and of course discuss with our audience.

This event will be a panel discussion and the best it: It's completely for free! To get access to this amazing event as a guest and - maybe - participant in the discussion, it's mandatory to sign up here:

Be our guest!

Designing the Future: How AI is Revolutionizing UI/UX

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Who will join?

The Host: Philipp Klaus (Co-Founder @MVST.)

Philipp is Co-Founder and Design Lead at MVST, a design and development studio for digital products based in Munich and Barcelona. He has many years of experience in product design and is passionate about creating incredible solutions for MVST's clients.

Like every Figma Munich Meetup, we invited some special guests with loads of expertise and truly inspiring insights regarding UI/UX Design.

Joshua Wilking (Design Manager @MVST.)

Joshua is a design manager at MVST. With his background as a product designer in Germany and the U.S., he uses his expertise to oversee and build a diverse collection of products, ranging from e-commerce platforms to IoT products and more.

Important to him is the end-to-end experience of the process in its entirety. Using a variety of techniques like participatory design, usability testing or also artificial intelligence, the MVST team collaborates closely together with the client and the end-user to bring the product on the road while maintaining an excellent quality.

Nina Jurcic (Design Manager & Advisor @DesignOps Assembly)

Nina is a multidisciplinary designer and design leader who has spent a decade building apps, brands, complex platforms, design systems, and cultures. She went from designing products to leading teams, growing talent, facilitating collaboration, and managing change. 

Most recently, Nina has been fostering the Berlin DesignOps Assembly community as a chapter co-lead. Passionate about design craft and operational excellence she sees AI as a powerful toolkit to unlock creative potential and 10x efficiency.

Sakky Baral (Product & UX Designer, Co-Founder @ZeroToDesign)

Sakky previously co-founded ZeroToDesign, voted as one of London's Top 20 Design agencies, with a unique pairing model used to serve startups and scale-ups. He built experiences for 6+ years, across Biotech, Fintech, Social Media & E-commerce. Through studying engineering and a career in Investment Banking, Sakky has adopted a value-add & direct approach to UX.

Outside of work you'll find Sakky playing Padel somewhere, in an ice-bath somewhere, or travelling... somewhere. Find him on Medium & LinkedIn to read about Design learnings & frameworks.

Beth Wegner (Director of Product Design @Doodle)

Get ready to meet Beth - a design expert who has lived and worked in some of the world's most exciting cities! She has called San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, and Hamburg home, and brings a unique perspective to her work as Director of Product Design at Doodle. With a strategic mindset, empathetic approach, and a talent for thriving in chaos and uncertainty, she is a master of her craft. 

But that's not all - our speaker is also a great storyteller who loves to infuse her work with a playful and fun spirit. Oh, and did we mention that she loves tacos? Join us as we hear from this dynamic and curious speaker!

Marcos Felipe (Product Design Manager @Freeletics)

Marcos is a Brazilian Designer and Artist with +15 years shipping digital experiences. He has specialized in visual/interaction design and product strategy. He worked for companies like McKinsey, Fjord Accenture, Airbnb and ist currently leading design practice at Freeletics helping users to be the best versions of themselves.

Ricardo Saavedra (Lead Product Designer @Meta/Reality Labs)

Ricardo is a product designer and recognized HCI thought leader with over a decade of industry experience. As a lead product designer at Meta’s Horizon Workrooms, he helped solve complex product problems in VR/AR applications. Ricardo has a track record of delivering empathic design and business results; previously, he oversaw product design and strategy leadership at, and led cross-functional design teams at Samsung, having designed and launched successful products with large organizations, and innovated with startups to roll out new ventures worldwide. 

Currently, Ricardo is a founding product designer at Hunch, a project focused on making data exploration accessible to non-technical users by leveraging recent advances in conversation AI and a spatial canvas.

There is always more to come! Follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn, if you want to be up to date with our events.

A topic for everybody

This will be our 6th Figma Munich Meetup. Wanna know what we talked about in our previous ones? Take a look here or check out our YouTube channel.

AI has become an integral part of today's life and we are excited to see what great possibilities it can open up for UI/UX design. Even if you are not a designer but interested in this topic, you should get ready for this nice event! Join us live and sign up for free to gain access to the event.

So... 25th May 2023 at 7pm, do we have a date?