ecoplanet - Shaping Sustainable Energy Solutions

ecoplanet - Shaping Sustainable Energy Solutions

With a mission to empower companies to embrace eco-conscious practices while driving cost savings, ecoplanet's visionary B2B energy platform built in collaboration with MVST, harnesses the power of smart meter data to optimize consumption rates. Through automated optimization measures and cutting-edge AI-driven procurement strategies tailored to each company's unique needs, we're paving the way for sustainable energy solutions. Here's how we've embarked on a journey for a more eco-friendly future.

The Deliverables

  • Product and Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web App Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Backend Development

The Challenge

Everyone should have the opportunity to contribute to saving valuable energy resources. SMEs play a crucial role in this goal by reducing their energy consumption in real time, planning investments in renewable energy, and exploring suitable financing options. To achieve these ambitious goals, ecoplanet required a fully functional MVP website equipped with several brand-defining features to showcase to prospective investors.

Group 289721.png

Our Solution

To address the challenge, we meticulously crafted an MVP showcasing a range of features including the Cockpit, Projects, Daily Energy Reports, and more. This comprehensive solution empowers users to seamlessly reduce energy consumption, automate reporting, organize sustainable energy financing and promotion, and more. All wrapped in a visually stunning and cohesive design that enhances user experience and engagement!

2 web app screens of MVST's solution with ecoplanet

The Results

Our thorough MVP, featuring multiple key features, was successfully presented to potential investors. We're thrilled with the outcome, as ecoplanet's services are now more compelling and easier to grasp than ever before!

final web app screens of MVST's solution with ecoplanet

Ecoplanet founder.png

"The concept of ecoplanet is to make life easier and more sustainable while saving money! MVST took these values to heart, designed our website exactly as we wanted it, and delivered all the important features! The end result will for sure drive our business forward. Thank you MVST!"

- Maximilian Dekorsy, co-founder at ecoplanet