buycycle - Redefining Biking Culture with Sustainable Mobility

buycycle - Redefining Biking Culture with Sustainable Mobility

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, Buycycle is making waves with its user-friendly platform for buying and selling high-quality used bicycles. As sustainability becomes a priority across industries, Buycycle is leading the charge in reimagining how people access and engage with bicycles, emerging as the largest marketplace for pre-owned bikes.

The Deliverables

  • Product and Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development

The Challenge

While we assisted in their website revamp to optimise pages and enhance design aesthetics, our primary focus was to conceptualise and create a product that aligned seamlessly with their business stage and product lineup, a native mobile app. This involved understanding their unique needs and market positioning to ensure the app's features and functionalities catered effectively to their customers for optimal user experience.

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Our Solution

We adopted a comprehensive approach to meet Buycycle's needs as we developed their first-ever native mobile app from scratch. This involved meticulous UX/UI design and development to ensure seamless integration with their existing systems. Additionally, we're currently in the process of developing a new Retail Web App to complement their existing product lineup.

mobile screens of the bicycle app built with MVST

The Results

The intuitive operation of the Buycycle app provides users with a seamless experience, enhancing their journey through the Marketplace. We achieved immediate success, witnessing sales directly via the app within the first week and steady growth in GMV.
A standout feature of the app is the Bike Pass, allowing users to effortlessly input all bicycle data, save photos, and share them with just a few clicks.
Buycycle has been nominated for the "Münchner Gründerpreis 2022," making us proud and validating the impact of our collaborative products.

the results of mobile screens of the bicycle app built with MVST

Product Walkthrough with our Product Designer

Check out how we designed and developed a strategically scalable app with buycycle empowering their users to easily sell and buy pre-owned bikes.


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"Thanks to MVST, we were able to solve the challenge of creating a web app and native mobile app that truly reflects our love for high-quality bicycles. Their expertise in building products allowed us to deliver a dynamic platform that offers our customers an easy and intuitive marketplace experience."

- Jonas Jaeger, Co-Founder at buycycle