Agrilution - Cultivating Fresh Greens with Ease

Agrilution - Cultivating Fresh Greens with Ease

With a bold vision, Agrilution, a food tech startup from Munich, empowers individuals to cultivate nutrient-rich greens in the comfort of their homes. Through the innovative Plantcube, anyone can now cultivate fresh vegetables and microgreens wherever they desire.

The Deliverables

  • Product and Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Mobile App Development

The Challenge

To simplify cultivation, the Plantcube comes equipped with several sensors, allowing users to control and monitor the system via an intuitive app. MVST undertook the responsibility of conceptualizing, designing, and developing the digital product, focusing on maximizing user-friendliness and seamlessly integrating all data and processes of the complex Plantcube.

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Our Solution

The special characteristic of the app is that it acts as a comprehensive control center for the cube. This allows the user to keep track of what is currently being planted and when it is time for harvesting. Users can easily monitor temperature, water levels, and more, while receiving convenient push notifications for tasks like cleaning and upcoming harvests. Additionally, a smart shop integration enables direct reordering of seeds and other accessories.

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The Results

Together with the Agrilution team, we developed a powerful and robust app that combines intelligent features in a simple and intuitive interface, staying true to the corporate design. Now, everyone can harvest fresh and nutritious greens at home - with minimal effort.

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