About Us

About Us

Our Identity

MVST is a design and product development venture-building studio. And we pride ourselves on breaking away from the typical agency mold. Founded in 2019 by co-founders Niklas and Philipp, based in the vibrant MaxVorStadT district of Munich, Germany, we operate with a unique mindset and approach.

With our offices in Munich and Barcelona, MVST combines the best of both worlds: The flow of the Isar river in Munich represents MVST's creativity and innovation, the liveliness and the sun of Barcelona represent our passion for unique digital products.

We don't just design and build – think of us as your loyal partner, design-driven visionary, delivering nothing but top-notch, high-quality, scalable products that will leave our partners and their users hungry for more!

Our Purpose

At MVST, we're dedicated to guiding you through every step of your journey from conception to design and technical implementation.

We aim to make technology easy and enjoyable for everyone. Therefore MVST focuses on creating apps and websites that people love to use, making life simpler and more fun. Committed to meeting modern consumer needs, we innovate with sustainable solutions and cutting-edge design.

Our Working Culture

We want everyone at MVST to feel comfortable and be able to work in an environment that sets free their potential and also their efficiency.

That's why we embrace a hybrid working model that combines the flexibility of remote work with the value of in-person collaboration. With teams based in Munich and Barcelona, as well as fully remote teams spanning across the globe, including locations like Tunisia and Brazil, we leverage diverse perspectives and talents to drive innovation.

Our Values

When working on a project, what values do we refer to, and what is important to us at each step of the process? Here's the anatomy of MVST's values:

The Brain
We use our brain not just for knowledge, but also for creating kick-ass products that will leave every user behind with a big "WOW!".
The Hands
We use our hands to build impactful products that will make the life of users easier and better!
The Heart
Not a single project is done without the love and passion we feel for the process and the outcome. We love what we do and make sure that our partners do as well!

Our Partners

Our co-founders always seek collaborative opportunities that empower their partners.

MVST has partnered with Fair VC and Better Ventures to participate in angel investment rounds. Additionally, we have established a partnership with the Assembler Institute of Technology to engage with future tech talents and foster their growth through self-learning and practical experience.